Welcome to the Ringstar Blog!

Thanks for joining us for our first introduction post as we talk about what Ringstar and this blog will have to offer for you.

 At Ringstar Performance Products we are dedicated to the development of superior, state-of-the-art martial arts and boxing safety equipment. Our products are meticulously designed and rigorously tested to provide industry leading safety, without sacrificing movement or performance.

 Our company is built on the belief that better, more effective training is the key to improved performance. That’s why we developed our impact tested training shoes to allow athletes to train harder, without having to worry about an increased risk of injury. Our goal is to help martial arts practitioners to train Harder, Smarter and Safer.

Our protective shoes are only one piece of this equation, and expect to see more performance-developed equipment from us in the future. Superior equipment is only one part of what Ringstar has to offer. That’s where this blog comes in. This is our outlet to provide credible, no-nonsense education about how to train more effectively, and become a stronger competitor, without sacrificing safety.

So, stay tuned to this channel! We want to share this journey with you and there’s a lot more to come!